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About Us

Thank you for visiting our little shop house. Our inspiration comes from a stray cat and dog – who unconditionally gave us warmth and love through their unspoken action. We are creating this shop to tell them that their lovely action is well received and appreciated. Therefore, we are extending their love globally to the cat and dog lover community like you!

We were inspired by stray cat and dog, who never fail to pay a visit to our house to sleep every night. Sometimes, to the extent that the kitty (who we named her “Hihi”) even catch a real rat into our house to play and pouted at us when we chase the rat away. She never fails to enter our house gracefully under the spot light with her cat walk on our window pane. On the other hand, there is a stray dog named Johnny, who flattered us with his joyful greeting when we came home everyday and guarded our house unconditionally.

The joy and fun that they have brought to our family is a miracle and we are treating them as part of our family members.

Our mission is to run a company that is dedicated of nurturing the relationship between humans and pet to create a sense of family bonding.





Meet our family members that inspires us~

Meet our daughter

Meet our daughter: Hihi

Our son

And our son: Johnny